The world of cryptcurrencies at the service of Adult Online Content Creators

Use case #1

Creation of an integrated system at the service of adult content creators

Users and definitions

Creators : Adults who create and wish to sell digital content online intended for an adult audience.
Users : Adult people who want to access erotic content by rewarding the creators of such material.


The world of hardcore and porn has always found the optimal conditions to thrive on the internet. The Internet is distributed worldwide, allows you to access online content from your home or via your smartphone and makes various forms of payment available.
In recent years, thanks to increasingly faster data lines available to private users and the low costs of hardware, it has allowed an increasingly large group of people to be able to share photos, videos or real-time transmissions of content intended for a adult audience (what many years ago in the world of porn was called the “amateur category”). This activity allows you to collect money (in some cases even considerable sums) and attracts the attention of those who want to supplement their income from work or even manage this activity as a real job.

Performers’ needs

To carry out their online activity, performers need secure tools that help them manage the material generated, contacts with users, payment services and methods for spending what they earn.
Tools – there are various methods for sharing material: websites dedicated to the publication of videos (xHamster, Youporn, etc.), webcam collection sites (Chaturbate, Bongacams, etc.), chats that allow you to share files (Discord , Telegram, whatsapp), video chat software (Skype, whatsapp). Using many channels allows you to increase the number of possible users but also involves the dispersion of materials and the difficulty of managing different accounts. The possibility of deleting such contents should also be verified when the creator decides to withdraw from this activity (Right to be forgotten).
Payment methods – there are many forms of publication but also many types of payment with different timing. Some sites pay every two weeks or once a month and only when you reach a profit limit. Furthermore, very often the taxation on the profits of the activity is heavy, in some cases it reaches 50% taxation. Having the ability to receive an immediate and not heavily taxed payment is in high demand.

Privacy and business risks

The online sale of content generated by creators involves some needs to respect privacy and in some cases personal safety problems. Speaking with some models, the need to place limits on users regarding their private life is often mentioned. Although users generally limit themselves to communicating with the creators through posts on their social profiles or through the chats of sites dedicated to camgirls/camboys, cases of users who are particularly insistent in requesting information on the private life of the creators can occur, resulting in real cases of stalking. Possible ways to know the identity of the creators could be the frequent exchange of information between creators and users to support the payment and receipt of content: email, chat messages (whatsapp, snapchat, discord), payment methods (paypal, bank transfers bank, credit cards).

Development proposal

Bitcoin Adult is currently a well-established blockchain with a history that begins in 2018. Initially the coin was created to be used as a payment method on some websites and through third-party applications (Coinpayments).
This initiative, based on the information previously exposed aims to achieve the following objectives:

1 – improve the management of content published on the internet by creators, organizing the offer and limiting the pulverization of content
2 – create a different decentralized economy to optimize what users spend and increasing creators’ revenues
3 – improve the perception of security and privacy by creators and users by creating a filter in communications and payments
4- create the foundations and conditions for the development of an integrated system at the service of creators and users

The achievement of these goals will take place through the integration of the Bitcoin Adult wallet with an encrypted messaging system and a hosting service dedicated to adult content creators.

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