The world of cryptcurrencies at the service of Adult Online Content Creators

One of the most sought after documents on cryptocurrency websites is the whitepaper. This document usually indicates the path that the team intends to follow to develop the currency (perhaps accompanying it with a road map to better explain the contents). Contrary to this “modus operandi”, we at Bitcoin Adult intend to pursue individual objectives that will be identified as the development of the currency continues. There are several reasons why we intend to adopt this solution.

  • Upgradability
  • Stay abreast of current needs
  • Freedom of action as the situation changes
  • Concreteness of actions

These reasons are the summary of a thought that we have agreed and is based on the inadequacy of the “white paper” to the current situation of the world of cryptocurrencies. Technology that changes ever faster, user needs that vary often and often require new features, the impossibility of understanding what the crypto world will require in 2 or more years, the need not to instill hope in users in goals that perhaps then they are not reached or they were wrong when the document was drafted.

In these pages you will therefore find the explanation of individual use cases that we will develop from time to time.