The world of cryptcurrencies at the service of Adult Online Content Creators

The coin dedicated to the world of adult entertainment

The world of adult entertainment on the internet is vast, and the content is often paid. Bitcoin Adult is the coin created to help content creators and users who intend to access such content by simplifying payments in total security and privacy.

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Bitcoin adult features

Learn about the benefits of using Bitcoin Adult

Thanks to blockchain technology, payments made in BTAD are fast and guarantee the delivery of coins between the parties

Creator and user only need the wallet address to send and receive payments. You no longer need to share emails or other accounts.

The BTAD wallet will be your space to store your coins and verify payments.

Platforms for sending money usually charge fees for use, in some cases up to 5% of the amount sent. With BTAD, the fees are very low and you won’t waste money on taxes.

Bitcoin Adult’s payment system allows you to make yourself independent of the structured platforms that handle adult content. Aggregators of camgirls/camboys broadcasts, video and photo collections have very high taxes (up to 50%)

The Bitcoin Adult team is working to integrate new features into the wallet and create an integrated system at the service of Creators and Users. This will allow for greater privacy and security, ease of finding content, and protection of the rights of Content Creators.

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